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Nikšićki Mlin Mill

Storage capacity: 1,500 m2 storage of finished products, 15,000 tons of silos capacity

  • Niksicki mlin mill is engaged in the procurement, production, processing and sale of grains and their products.
  • The mill processes and grounds 180 tons of wheat per day, with the aim of obtaining high-quality finished products (flour).
  • The company exports a significant amount of product to the market of Albania, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • An internal modern laboratory performs the control of the product quality safety, as well as regular quality control of raw materials.
  • The Quality Policy is based on adhering to the reference standards (HACCP and ISO 22000), as well as law regulations.
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AD Spuž

Spuz, an animal feed factory, is one of the most modern producers in this part of Europe. We operate in the local and foreign market producing high-quality animal feed for livestock and poultry. The daily capacity of this modern factory is 150 tons of finished products.