Food production

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Granexport Company was founded on 8 September, 1952 as a company importing and exporting grain. Granexport has been operating as a joint-stock company for trade, production and services since 1999, and as a limited liability company since 2014. Granexport Company has joined a successful MK Group team in 2007 and ever since continues to achieve excellent results in its business. The main activity of Grainexport Company is wholesale trade of corn and other grains in domestic and foreign market, as well as production and sales of corn-mill products.

Žito Bačka

The mill Zito Backa in Kula was founded at the beginning of the 20th century – more precisely in 1916.

The mill Zito Backa in Kula is geographically best positioned – it has an ideal microclimate for wheat production. It covers an area of 4.3 acres where the entire production and storage capacity are located. A high-tech laboratory performs everyday analyses and takes care of the flour quality. We are a long-term, reliable storage partner when it comes to the needs of the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves.

Due to the exceptional quality of flour, we have been traditionally cooperating with large confectionery and bakery producers for many years. This company’s leaders have managed to maintain a recognizable brand in the market with their tradition and quality value commitment.

In addition to the standard flour production, we offer a wide range of specific and all-purpose flours: T-400, T-500, T-650, T-850, T-1100, strudel flour, flour for pies and pastry leaves (burek), pizza flour, frozen products flour, confectionery flour for: cookies, salty pastries, tea biscuits, semolina, wheat bran for human consumption and feed flour.

Nikšićki Mlin Mill

Storage capacity: 1,500 m2 storage of finished products, 15,000 tons of silos capacity

  • Niksicki mlin mill is engaged in the procurement, production, processing and sale of grains and their products.
  • The mill processes and grounds 180 tons of wheat per day, with the aim of obtaining high-quality finished products (flour).
  • The company exports a significant amount of product to the market of Albania, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • An internal modern laboratory performs the control of the product quality safety, as well as regular quality control of raw materials.
  • The Quality Policy is based on adhering to the reference standards (HACCP and ISO 22000), as well as law regulations.
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AD Spuž

Spuz, an animal feed factory, is one of the most modern producers in this part of Europe. We operate in the local and foreign market producing high-quality animal feed for livestock and poultry. The daily capacity of this modern factory is 150 tons of finished products.