Agricultural company which not only implements new trends and technologies, but foresees and creates them as well.

The company Agroglobe was founded in 2004, with headquarters in Novi Sad - the capital of Serbian agriculture. Our business includes the sale of high-quality agricultural products, the import and distribution of pesticides, seeds, mineral fertilizers, irrigation systems, agricultural machinery and the most modern equipment for precision agriculture.

After two decades of successful business, we have taken a leading position in the country and the region. In 2022, we expanded our business to include our own seed production and thereby completed the entire cycle, from production, through storage, to distribution. We are a company with more than 140 working experts, which not only introduces new trends and technologies, but also predicts and creates them.

The basis of our company's activity is wholesale trade in agricultural products. On an annual level, we create a turnover of 1.6 million tons of goods. The Agroglobe network of purchase points is one of the most developed in the region, with a total of 70 purchase points spread every 25 km across Vojvodina.



1,6 million

1,600,000 tons of goods turnover



Logistic centers at every 25 km throughout Vojvodina


670.000 t

Total storage capacity of our silos



Storage capacity of 100.000m2

500.000 t

The total storage capacity of our silos is 670,000 tons, and we also have additional storage capacities that cover 100,000 m2. The service of storing goods for companies and individuals is provided through a network of state-of-the-art storage facilities, along with the provision of advisory support in trade and agricultural production.

The largest exporter of grains and oilseeds in Serbia for 6 years in a row



At a certain point in development, there was a need to build a business information system that will increase the competitiveness in the market through the support for business processes and decision making.

The company’s plans are aimed at strengthening the business infrastructure that will enable the export of 400,000 tons of mercantile goods per year and improve the sale of pesticides, seeds and mineral fertilizers. The projected growth implies continuous work on development and improvement of the supplier network, primarily by developing cooperative relations with agricultural manufacturers through production contracting and loans and borrowings, storage services and advisory activity in the field of production and trading.