Why Agroglobe

AGROGLOBE is a modern company which transforms itself according to the needs of the market, invests in the improvement of its organizational structure, modernization and expansion of its capacities.

AGROGLOBE employs 211 people. Our teams consist of expert and ambitious people, with enthusiasm, new achievements and experience, a combination that guarantees success of one such company.

AGROGLOBE strives to provide excellent conditions for quality work and educate its employees further. Taking care of the employees is one of our priorities which ensures professional staff dedicated to work and company goals.


New Holland

AGROGLOBE is the exclusive distributor and service provider of worldwide recognized agricultural machinery brand NEW HOLLAND for Serbia and Montenegro.

New Holland

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Corporate Communications Sector has recently committed itself to defining and creating the new visual identity whose appearance and slogan reflect all that MK Group really is. We are proud to present you the new face of our company.


Over the past 35 years of MK Group’s successful business, with operating as a member company, the company has achieved significant results in three key areas in which it operates today: agriculture, tourism and finance, and has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in South East Europe.

MK Group system has grown and expanded, therefore it was necessary to present its size and performance with a new visual expression. The purpose of the existence of MK Group system for more than three and a half decades has crystallized itself: MK GROUP LED BY ITS VALUES AND SMART DECISIONS HAS TRANSFORMED ITS VISION INTO THE GROWTH OF BUSINESS, PEOPLE AND THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL.

MK Group’s efficient business operations in all areas resulted in making even 75 companies from one company, from only 3 employees to more than 7,000, and the company’s business activities enabled the economic development of the region where the company operates. In regard with taxes and contributions, MK Group annually allocates 109 million eur, and thus actively contributes to improvement of our society, and consequently the quality of life of the entire community. The new visual identity also included creation of a comprehensive slogan that will unite all that MK Group represents. It all started from the founder's vision, and many years of successful business results the company has achieved so far and is still achieving by making smart decisions everyday – it resulted in the slogan: One vision. Smart decisions.

When the new logotype and slogan were approved, it was necessary to apply them appropriately to all divisions operating within MK Group. Bearing in mind the diversity of companies’ activities - starting from the agrarian sector, meat industry, sugar industry, trade and logistics, finance and hotel industry, the prefix MK has been added to the divisions operating within all member companies.

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