Why Agroglobe

AGROGLOBE is a modern company which transforms itself according to the needs of the market, invests in the improvement of its organizational structure, modernization and expansion of its capacities.

AGROGLOBE employs 211 people. Our teams consist of expert and ambitious people, with enthusiasm, new achievements and experience, a combination that guarantees success of one such company.

AGROGLOBE strives to provide excellent conditions for quality work and educate its employees further. Taking care of the employees is one of our priorities which ensures professional staff dedicated to work and company goals.


New Holland

AGROGLOBE is the exclusive distributor and service provider of worldwide recognized agricultural machinery brand NEW HOLLAND for Serbia and Montenegro.

New Holland

Visit New Holland website:


Latest News



A ceremonial cocktail at the Sheraton Hotel completed the successful ending of the humanitarian campaign "Magnet for Love". MK Group Company is one of the founders of the Magnet for Love Foundation, whose initiative has collected 400,000 euros for the purchase of additional equipment for the Children's Hospital in Novi Sad. Agroglobe actively participated in this humanitarian campaign and contributed.

Thanks to everyone who helped achieve the goal of the project.



In the previous period, Agroglobe's expert team held presentations throughout Vojvodina where new rapeseed hybrids were presented. Five new hybrids of top quality appeared in our portfolio: Factor, Gordon and Umberto (KWS), as well as Darko and Imperio (Euralis). All hybrids have high genetic potential for yield and high oil content.

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