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International Trade

The trade with agropoducts includes the purchase of market surplus and resale on the domestic and foreign markets.

AGROGLOBE trades with:
grain and oil seeds (wheat, corn, sunflower, soybean and oilseed rape)

components for animal feed (soybean and sunflower meals, beet pulps, wheat and corn breakage, fodder flour)

sugar, flour, molasses and alcohol.

We buy out agroproducts in our silos and in the field. We use other silos services in order to maximize our presence and coverage of the market.

The basis of our export product range is grain (commodities), first of all mercantile corn and wheat. In this segment the annual trade volume exceeds 200.000 t.
Significant turnover is recorded in the preferential trade of by-products in sugar industry (beet pulps and molasses). The scope of these activities is measured in tens of thousands of tonnes, annually more than 250,000 tons of grain and animal feed components.

Most of the trade is achieved with the powerful foreign companies such are: GLENCORE, NIDERA, GRANIT, CEFETRA, BORSARI, CSH, CARGILL ...



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Milan Roganović
Director of domestic and foreign trade
Tel: +381 21/4894 316

Mladen Milutinović
Fertilizer program manager
Tel: +381 21/4894 325

Branko Zubac
Sales Representative for mercantile goods
Tel: +381 21/4894-317
Fax: +381 21/4894-337
Mob: +381 64/871-3451

Jovica Kerkez
Regional Manager of mercantile goods
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Slavko Zečević
Regional manager
Tel: +381 21/4894 368
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Mob: +381 64/871 3461

Nikola Varga
Sales Representative
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