About Us

AGROGLOBE was established in 2004 with its Head office in Novi Sad – the capital of Serbian agriculture. The main activity of the company is wholesale trade.

AGROGLOBE deals with the trade of agroproducts, import and distribution of pesticides, seeds and mineral fertilizers. We contract and finance agricultural production, as well as the crop production on the 1000 ha on our own land. Significant part of the business is based on the network of storage facilities thus providing the service of storing the merchandise for companies and individuals. Advisory activity in the field of production and trade contributes also to the image of the modern company.

AGROGLOBE has achieved results in just a few years which positions it high on the domestic and foreign agro markets as well. With annual export of 200.000 tons of grains and components of animal feed, the company ranks among the top five export-oriented companies in the domain of agribusiness in Serbia.

At a certain point in the development, there was a need for creating the business operating system which will increase the competitiveness on the market through the support to business processes and decision-making.

The most advanced and best-selling ERP information system in the world was implemented – SAP ECC 6.0. All modules for the control of business processes are used: financial accounting, sales, distribution and material management, all that enable the integration of the complete business process.

Expert and ambitious team was formed and with the modern management succeeds in meeting the demands of the market. On those grounds lies the business collaboration with the other companies in the country and the region and with the largest companies in the world as well. All recognize the stable and reliable partner in Agroglobe.

The companys plans are focused to the strengthening of the business infrastructure which will allow achieving the annual export of 400.000 tons of mercantile products, to improve the sales of the pesticides, seeds and mineral fertilizer. Projected growth implies continuous work on the development and enhancement of the supplier network, firstly by development of cooperative relations with agricultural producers, through contracting and financing the production, storing service and advisory activity in the field of production and trade.

AGROGLOBE employs 211 people. Our teams consist of expert and ambitious people, with enthusiasm, new achievements and experience, a combination that guarantees success of one such company.

AGROGLOBE strives to provide excellent conditions for quality work and educate its employees further. Taking care of the employees is one of our priorities which ensures professional staff dedicated to work and company goals.



Adress: Bulevar Oslobođenja 60
21000 Novi Sad
Tel: +381 21/4894 300
Fax: +381 21/4894 338

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